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Caroline Dunn Marketing Executive Caroline Dunn Mobile Leader Caroline Dunn Innovator Caroline Dunn Marketing
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Marketing & Technology Executive

Caroline Dunn is an experienced marketing executive combining her natural leadership ability and engineering education in marketing communications, content marketing, social media, and product management. She has a proven track record in exceeding sales objectives, leading execution teams, and campaign management.

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[iconbox title=”Executive Leadership” icon=”fa-line-chart” style=”mini_circle_icon_with_title” frame=”framed_when_hover”]Managed global marketing team and multi-million dollar budget leading marketing communications, branding, public relations, creative, campaigns, content, and events.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Product Management” icon=”fa-paper-plane” style=”mini_circle_icon_with_title” frame=”framed_when_hover”]Successfully launched dozens of hardware and software products resulting in creating new multi-million dollar revenue streams.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Mobile Industry Expertise” icon=”fa-industry” style=”mini_circle_icon_with_title” frame=”framed_when_hover”]Over 20 years experience in telecommunications, mobility, video, and networks. Championed Location Based Services, IoT, and Wearables.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Content Marketing” icon=”fa-magic” style=”mini_circle_icon_with_title” frame=”framed_when_hover”]Produced hundreds of content pieces (blogs, white papers, infographics, case studies, webinars, side share, and videos), reaching over 2 million views.[/iconbox]
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[iconbox title=”Alexa Developer” icon=”fa-amazon” style=”mini_circle_icon_with_title” frame=”framed_when_hover”]Featured on the front page of Amazon Alexa Skill Store


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[iconbox title=”Georgia Tech” icon=”fa-graduation-cap” style=”top_icon_large” icon_color=”#000000″ url=”www.gatech.edu” frame=”framed”]

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineer with Highest Honor
  • Masters of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering


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[iconbox title=”Wireless Technology Forum” icon=”fa-mobile” style=”top_icon_large” icon_color=”#000000″ url=”http://wirelesstechnologyforum.org/” frame=”framed”]

  • 2020 & 2019 Co-Chair Mobile Marketing Group
  • 2018 Co-Founder and Co-Chair Women in Wireless
  • 2016 & 2017 Wireless Technology Forum President
  • Board Member since 2009