SuperBowl 50 Commercial Review

I have a special affiliation to the SuperBowl franchise. In January 2000, I performed in the SuperBowl XXXIV PreGame Show. Everyone has heard of the SuperBowl Halftime show, but who knew about performance opportunities in the PreGame show? Long story short, I auditioned to be a dancer in SuperBowl XXXIV and was selected. I rehearsed for 8 consecutive days, 6-10 hours/day prior to the game for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unlike the Halftime show, the Pre-Game show is not televised (in its entirety).

What I learned from this experience is that the SuperBowl is a huge, huge, huge production. The production is rehearsed and planned to the smallest detail. Even if you didn't watch football the entire season, haven't a clue as to either team, you're still expected to watch the SuperBowl. The franchise does a good job in that they try to have something to get viewers; not to mention the social aspect of attending/hosting SuperBowl parties.

If you're interested in viewing my 3 seconds of fame:

Here are my picks and reviews of just a few of my favorite SuperBowl 50 commercials. I'll evaluate each commercial on 3 factors.

  1. Entertainment value
  2. Branding - Do I remember the brand?
  3. Value Proposition - What makes this product special? Why would I want to buy?


This was PayPal's first year advertising in the SuperBowl and overall they did a great job.

  1. Entertainment Value - PayPal's commercial was shot like a movie trailer. The pace moved quickly. Good Job.
  2. Branding - Check. Good placement of the PayPal logo throughout the commercial.
  3. Value Prop - Their value prop os that their open 24/7 and their the "money" for everybody. Good Job.

 T-Mobile | "Drop The Balls"

Of the 4 Tier 1 Wireless Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), T-Mobile was the only one to buy spots during this year's SuperBowl. T-Mobile aired 2 productions during the SuperBowl, my favorite was the T-Mobile commercial featuring Steve Harvey.

  1. Entertainment Value - Great play from Steve Harvey's Miss Universe debacle.
  2. Branding - Great job. Clearly a T-Mobile commercial.
  3. Value Prop -The 'dig' on Verizon was a bit more memorable than the actual value prop, "T-Mobile doubled their LTE coverage." What does "doubled LTE coverage" really mean? Steve Harvey goes onto say that "T-Mobile has more towers than Verizon," but shoots himself in the foot by following with, "pretty much covers everybody." Not a strong enough endorsement in my opinion.

WeatherTech: "Resources"

  1. Entertainment value - A little on the boring side, but how do you make floor mats more entertaining?
  2. Branding - Check. Good logo placement. I clearly remembered which brand this was after the commercial.
  3. Value Prop - A little different than their normal commercials where they talk about how precise their floor mats are. Their value prop in this commercial is that they are bringing jobs to the USA. Not bad.

Colgate #EveryDropCounts

As someone who constantly makes the "let's go green" speech at work and at home, I had to spotlight this commercial.

  1. Entertainment Value - This is a PSA style commercial. For me personally, watching wasting of water showcased this commercial drew strong emotions.
  2. Branding - The Colgate logo only appears for a split second at the end of this commercial. While I appreciate that the effort from Colgate not to over self-promote, I think they could have done a better job in self-promotion. It's a commercial Colgate paid a lot of money to air after all???
  3. Value Prop - The value prop is to save the environment. Loud and Clear. What's the value prop of the toothpaste?

Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby

Of the folks that I follow on social media, this was by far the most talked about commercial of the night. Perhaps I need new social media friends.

  1. Entertainment value - Definitely a home run in this aspect. This commercial was both entertaining and evoked emotions, albeit awkward (what are this?) emotions. Truly original.
  2. Branding - Not 100% sure I will remember Mountain Dew tie-in to the puppymonkeybaby.
  3. Value Prop - Late in the commercial good tie in to the puppymonkeybaby  to Dew, Juice, and Caffeine. Not sure I personally want to buy this product, but good job.