How to pick-up your AMAZON order @ Georgia Tech

I previously posted about Amazon Prime Now, a 2-hour delivery service to your home back in April, and today Amazon continues to shorten the time it takes to get items in their customer’s hands. In July 2016, Georgia Tech became the first Amazon pick up location in Georgia. The intent is really for students, but I found out that anyone (with an Amazon account) could also use the Amazon@GeorgiaTech location.

This Georgia Tech Amazon pickup spot is located in Tech Square at 86 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308. Great location for Georgia Tech students. If you’re not a student, but live or work near Tech Square, this Amazon location could be an added convenience for you.

In order to utilize this midtown Amazon location, you must first visit

Click “Activate Free Benefits”

That’s it for setup!

Add items as you normally would on or on their app, and when you check out, you can select Amazon@GeorgiaTech, 86 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA, 30308 as your “Pickup location” instead of your regular shipping address. This is useful if you’re purchasing a surprise gift for your spouse.

If you select your normal shipping address, and the item is eligible for faster delivery to the Georgia Tech location, you’ll be provided that option. Not all items are eligible for free one-day delivery to Georgia Tech.

As an Amazon Prime Member, so I already get 2-day delivery and 1-day delivery for some orders over $35 included in my membership. With this new location, I now have the option of making purchases under $35 and getting the item in 1-day without additional costs. This perk can also be combined with “Today’s Deals”. On Sunday, I saw an item for $10.99 on Today’s Deals, and as I was checking out I was presented with the option to pick up the item in 1-day at the Georgia Tech location.


I completed my order around 2 pm on Sunday and was promised my order would be ready on Monday.

On Monday at 8:45 AM, I received an email from Amazon letting me know that my item was ready for pick up. Wow! Overnight delivery!

I clicked “Get Pickup Code”


And I received a code to pick-up my item.

I have the luxury of living within walking distance of Tech Square, so after a short walk, I was at Amazon@GeorgiaTech.

I went to my designated locker and scanned my barcode. A small door popped open and inside was my item! Flawless! From order placed to order received was just a few hours.

Watch the pick-up experience here.

The other perk of this location is returns. Amazon already has a great return policy, but if you find you want to drop off your package instead of putting it out on the door step, this is also an option at the Tech Square location.

One caveat that I have found is that not every item can be shipped to the Amazon Pick-up location. For example, this folding camp chair was not eligible for this program. I guess I’ll need to select a smaller surprise gift for my husband.

Acknowledgements: Thank you Jody Dyer for peaking my curiosity about the Amazon@GeorgiaTech location. Thank you Paul Dunn for documenting (photo and video credit) my experience.

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