3 Key Learnings from the Wireless Forum’s CyberSecurity Panel

3 common scenarios of cyber crimes from the experts, and creating a cybersecurity action plan.

The panel discussion at the Wireless Technology Forum took a turn for the serious during the Ransomware and CyberSecurity session on August 17, 2017. The Wireless Technology Forum assembled a team of diverse CyberSecurity experts including panelists from the DOJ, Barnes and Thornburg, LLP law firm, and 2 independent privacy consultants. Three key trends in cybersecurity emerged from the panel discussion.

#1 – Social Engineering

Assistant United States Attorney, Samir Kaushal named social engineering as the top cyber



ATL Run Part 2: Designing for Echo Show

Last week, I launched the Atlanta Running Guide on www.atlrunguide.com and corresponding Alexa Skill. This endeavor was a month long project consisting of creating & conducting a survey, data analytics, and designing & coding for different experiences. Check out my previous post on this project: survey insights and journey here.

In this article, I’ll discuss organizing and presenting content for different mediums, devices, and experiences; specifically insights into developing for the website vs. Alexa vs. the new Echo Show. Disclaimer: I am not a User Experience expert, and this is not



Insights into the Atlanta Running Survey

This is the backstory to the Atlanta Running Guide Alexa Skill and website www.atlrunguide.com

I’ve posted previously that today’s marketing is great content combined with tech savviness. Gone are the days of selecting images for TV, print and direct mail. Today’s marketing is an interactive experience combining the virtual and physical world. These principles are how and why I have created the Atlanta Running Guide website and corresponding Alexa Skill. In this article, I’ll discuss the ideation, creation, and methodology of the my project. Next week, I’ll discuss how I used



4 Different Approaches to Innovation Centers but 3 Common Goals

The Wireless Technology Forum’s July panel moderated by Merrick Furst, Flashpoint Founder and Distinguished Professor at Georgia Tech, provided insights into innovation centers from Delta, First Data, Ericsson, and Dover Corporation. Rachel Ford provided insight into Cox Enterprises partnership with TechStars Atlanta.

Each innovation center took different approaches to innovation but their goals were the same.


Solve problems for the customer.
Position the company as an innovation leader in their respective industry.
Participate in the ecosystem, but maintain company secrets.

All goals aligned with the overall company goal of creating more revenue, and attract /



DIY Google Home

Last year, I partnered with Steve Youngblood to make an Amazon Alexa on a Raspberry Pi. In January of this year, I teamed up with Liz Simpson to provide a DIY Alexa workshop for high school ladies through ChickTech. Last month (May 2017), Google Home came out with their DIY version on a Raspberry Pi. Google did things a little differently than Amazon. Their intent was to make the project easier by offering a kit to complete the project. The kit was offered through MagPi, a magazine from the UK



3 Surprising Trends in Mobile Video from CNN, Weather Channel, and the Atlanta Braves

The Wireless Technology Forum assembled a diverse panel of 6 mobile video experts on Thursday, June 15, 2017 including CNN, Weather Channel, OTT providers (NewsOn), B2B mobile video platforms, and for the first time in Wireless Forum history, the Atlanta Braves. Experts shared their insights and current trends in mobile video, some of which were a bit surprising. Cisco has been predicting since 2008 that mobile video would eat up most of the 4G bandwidth before 4G was even launched. Consumers have attempted to watch mobile video before the content



My First Visit to Amazon’s Bookstore (Brick-and-Mortar Edition)

15 years after buying my first book on Amazon, I finally visited the physical Amazon bookstore. Isn’t it usually the other way around?

I flew to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend to see friends, run a 10 mile race, bike 30 miles, and of course, visit the Amazon bookstore (brick-and-mortar edition). The Chicago Amazon bookstore is about 6 miles north of downtown Chicago, in the Lakeview neighborhood, just slightly southeast of Wrigley Field. We were in the area to catch a performance of Blue Man Group, so we made a quick stop



5 Examples of Consumer AR & VR Available Today

In 2014, I posted that a renaissance was coming for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and today (2017), I believe that to be true. In 2014, we saw Samsung and others lowering the barriers to entry for VR with cheaper headsets; coupled with faster processors in smartphones to handle intense graphics. Today, almost anyone can experience VR with Google Cardboard and a smartphone.

Here are 5 examples of AR/VR that you can experience today.
1. Snapchat filters – All of my Snapchat friends have enjoyed adding fun AR “accessories” to their