BIG BRANDS are turning to social media channels you may not have heard of to reach new audiences

On May 19th, the Wireless Technology Forum, held a panel discussion on Mobile Video with:

Cathy Farr, Senior Director Mobile Products, CNN Digital
Laurie Baird, Managing Director, Youi.tv
Pascal Racheneur, General Manager, Digital Video, Raycom Media
Eric McLoughlin, Director, Product Management, Comcast
Moderator: Karl Edwards, inCode Consulting

Cathy Farr spoke about going where your future customers are today (millennials) which meant CNN Digital on Snapchat. She spoke about creating content for Snapchat which means “vertical” videos instead of “horizontal” videos. She spoke about trying different things including broadcasting a presidential debate in virtual reality (with ATLvr led by CEO

5 Things I Learned at the Google Office about YouTube

Content is King

Video Content is King

Video content is KING and YouTube needs their best content creators to make more videos.

I recently attended YouTube’s 2nd annual “YouTube Creator Day” at the Google office in Atlanta. This is an invitation-only event hosted by YouTube for their content video creators in the area with at least 1,000 subscribers. With over 400 hours of content uploaded per minute to YouTube, why would YouTube need to ask their creators to create more content? It’s not just about quantity of content, quality of content.

The day covered 4 main

TAG Retail Recap: Improving the Customer Experience with Analytics

Last week, I had the honor of moderating the TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Retail session on the topic of ‘Improving the In-Store Customer Experience with Analytics.’ The session was a panel discussion comprised of industry leaders in analytics, digital, customer experience, sales and marketing, and consumer measurement insights. It is expected that the stores and the cloud will see the biggest bump in IT spend for 2016. So this is a very timely topic, and one near and dear to me.

To set the stage, let me open by sharing

Is 2016 the Death of Mobile Handset Innovation?

At Wireless Technology Forum’s Mobile Economy update (April 21, 2016), I got the latest info from GSMA on the state of the Mobile universe. Putting aside the great networking opportunities for professionals in the mobile industry, this is one of my favorite sessions every year because our core mission to provide relevant and quality content about mobility to our attendees. Sure (if I had the time and money), I could have been one of over 101K attendees that traveled to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress in February and received all of this content, but for those

Wearables Part 2: Evolution

Continuing my mini-series on the Internet of Things (IoT), let’s take a brief look back at my post about Wearables and Switching Costs. If you will recall, I was given a Garmin FR60 as a gift, which came with a free account to upload my workout history; time, heart rate, distance. I started running and decided to tackle a half marathon, and later that year, a full marathon. I needed a better tool. Buying another Garmin product was a no-brainer since I had already logged hundreds of workouts to my

Wearables Part 1: Switching Costs

A few weeks ago, I posted about one of the hottest topics in retail and mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT). While my focus was on Smart Homes, because I have firsthand experience there, the conclusion is pretty much the same across focus areas: Smart retailers will learn to serve customers before and even after the sale.

This week, I’ll provide another IoT example in another hot area of mobile and retail. WEARABLES.

Wearables are more than just fitness tracking watches, they also include devices such as:

Augmented Reality Headsets
Google Glass

Wearable cameras (police/military)

Where’s the Money in Cable WiFi?

The term “TV Anywhere” or “TV Everywhere” followed the explosion of tablet device sales, circa 2009/2010.  Since then, cable companies (who by the way are also internet providers) have been under the gun to provide video content to their subscribers outside of the home.  2015 estimates that as much as 70% of all bandwidth is video streaming. Surprisingly (not so surprisingly), the vast majority of all video streaming is Netflix.

Source: Chris Kocks, Pure Integration, March 17, 2016 Wireless Technology Forum

Something that initially started as providing TV content outside of the

Over 25 Billion Connected Devices by 2020

Let’s face it, we’ve exceeded 100% adoption of mobile devices across the US population. There’s still a lot of innovation happening with the smartphone, but I’m constantly asked, “What’s the hottest area in Mobile today?” We’re beyond just being connected with that little smartphone in our hands, we’ve got many more devices to connect! GSMA has already predicted that there will be over 25 Billion connected devices by 2020 with at least 10 Billion connected mobile devices.

What’s the greatest growth area in mobile today? What’s next on the horizon for