5 Examples of Consumer AR & VR Available Today

In 2014, I posted that a renaissance was coming for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and today (2017), I believe that to be true. In 2014, we saw Samsung and others lowering the barriers to entry for VR with cheaper headsets; coupled with faster processors in smartphones to handle intense graphics. Today, almost anyone can experience VR with Google Cardboard and a smartphone.

Here are 5 examples of AR/VR that you can experience today.

1. Snapchat filters – All of my Snapchat friends have enjoyed adding fun AR “accessories” to their snapchat photos for a while now from bunny noses to sunglasses. Last week Snapchat announced 3D AR for the front facing cameras.

2. Evaluating your college choices? Why not experience the campus from the comfort of your home? That’s what Georgia Tech is offering with their virtual reality experience created by Foundry 45. This isn’t just for the academics in the College of Computing; prospective football athletes can experience game day excitement, adding a competitive edge for Georgia Tech in the recruiting process.

3. If you were a fan on Second Life, now there’s Rec Room, VR social gaming platform with paintball, charades, and disc golf.

4. News addicts can completely immerse themselves in breaking news with the new CNN VR app

5. Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards App

The other night, I dined at Moe’s Southwest Grill with their loyalty app, Rockin’ Rewards. As an added bonus to their loyalty app, the artwork on the walls came to life when I held up my phone.

Bonus: With the right equipment, you can create a 3D avatar of yourself.

But watch out, your avatar could be used in a very personalized marketing campaign tomorrow.  According to Dr. Grace Ahn, consumers find it very hard to say no to an avatar of themselves, and a self-avatar could be very effective in selling products.

Atlanta is becoming quite the hub for VR and AR development with companies including Foundry45, Futurus, NinjaVR, CN2, and more. Check out this article from Hypepotamus featuring AR/VR development companies in Atlanta.

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