Future of Robotics & AI: Not Your Father’s Robot

Yesterday: Your Father’s Robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was simply automation. Programming a robot to perform the same action repeatedly, or a specific set of actions if a pre-defined set of parameters are met.

Meet “Shakey” – the world’s first artificial intelligence robot.

Today: Meet Honda Asimo Robot
Asimo has been in development by Honda since early 2000s as a “Jetson’s maid, Rosie” type robot with delivery capabilities, and most recently announced in this video, sign language and stair climbing.

Tomorrow: Intelligent robots that can react in situations they haven’t specifically been programmed for.

AI algorithms project



5 Things You Need to Know about IoT

Internet of Things (IoT), started “buzzing” over a decade ago, when technologists began discussing connecting our refrigerators and washers to the Internet. Today IoT is about connected devices, monitoring, monetizing big data, artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, manufacturing, transportation, smart cities, and much more.

Last week, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) hosted Georgia’s 2nd annual IoT Symposium, in partnership with co-chairs, Dan Foster and Jason Wellman. This year, I had the honor of serving as Marketing Chair for the 2017 TAG IoT Symposium planning committee, and worked on an amazing team with



Mercedes-Benz Stadium Review

I had the pleasure of visiting the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 4, 2017 for the Chick-fil-a Kickoff game between Tennessee and Georgia Tech. My seats were on the main level, in section 103 as part of my Georgia Tech season ticket holder package. At the Atlanta Mobile Marketing Organization meeting last week, Dave Beck, Foundry45, called Mercedes-Benz Stadium possibly the “last great American stadium,” as more and more fans are opting to spend their money on 4K TVs instead of tickets to sporting events. I’d like to think of Mercedes-Benz