TAG IoT Hackathon Recap

From Winning a Hackathon to Judging a Hackathon

Last November, I posted my journey of entering and winning the MobilityLIVE Hackathon.

2016 MobilityLIVE Hackathon

Less than a week later, I judged HackATL at Emory University. That’s where I met Annemarie Stockinger; she led her team to a win at HackATL with their personal safety device. Annemarie is currently launching her first Kickstarter campaign on 9/22/2017 for GoSafely. Congratulations Annemarie!

I’m a volunteer on the planning committee for the TAG IoT Symposium on August 31, 2017. This event is a 1-day conference in



3 Key Learnings from the Wireless Forum’s CyberSecurity Panel

3 common scenarios of cyber crimes from the experts, and creating a cybersecurity action plan.

The panel discussion at the Wireless Technology Forum took a turn for the serious during the Ransomware and CyberSecurity session on August 17, 2017. The Wireless Technology Forum assembled a team of diverse CyberSecurity experts including panelists from the DOJ, Barnes and Thornburg, LLP law firm, and 2 independent privacy consultants. Three key trends in cybersecurity emerged from the panel discussion.

#1 – Social Engineering

Assistant United States Attorney, Samir Kaushal named social engineering as the top cyber



ATL Run Part 2: Designing for Echo Show

Last week, I launched the Atlanta Running Guide on www.atlrunguide.com and corresponding Alexa Skill. This endeavor was a month long project consisting of creating & conducting a survey, data analytics, and designing & coding for different experiences. Check out my previous post on this project: survey insights and journey here.

In this article, I’ll discuss organizing and presenting content for different mediums, devices, and experiences; specifically insights into developing for the website vs. Alexa vs. the new Echo Show. Disclaimer: I am not a User Experience expert, and this is not



Insights into the Atlanta Running Survey

This is the backstory to the Atlanta Running Guide Alexa Skill and website www.atlrunguide.com

I’ve posted previously that today’s marketing is great content combined with tech savviness. Gone are the days of selecting images for TV, print and direct mail. Today’s marketing is an interactive experience combining the virtual and physical world. These principles are how and why I have created the Atlanta Running Guide website and corresponding Alexa Skill. In this article, I’ll discuss the ideation, creation, and methodology of the my project. Next week, I’ll discuss how I used