Mobile Commerce is Here

January 2015, at the mCommerce panel headlined by Ginger Schmeltzer and Chris Poelma, the panel concluded that mobile payment adoption would be driven in 2016 by EMV. We can debate if this prediction came true in 2016, but my litmus test was when my credit card was “deactivated” for adding Apple Pay, and I spent over an hour waiting in a call center queue to get my Costco Citi Visa working again. On June 20, 2016 (the first day the Costco Citi Visa was active), too many people attempted to



Gadgets from CES that I need NOW!

CES is heralded as ‘the’ show to see the latest and greatest in technology year after year. I purchased my first home automation system after seeing the MIOS Vera showcased at CES in 2011, my touch faucet, and later, a myriad of wearables as CES progressed. At the Wireless Technology Forum, we love to showcase mobile devices including the latest smartphones, VR, AR, wearables, and tablets.

Here are my top picks from CES 2017.
Wearables are more than just Watches

I’ve disclosed previously that I wear a Garmin 235 watch. It tracks my



What’s Your Company New Year’s Resolution?

Make more money? | Close more deals? | Increase profits?

Whether I am advising early stage start-ups or mature companies on their marketing strategy and planning, I always start with easy questions. One of my first questions is always, “Who is your target market?”

Surprisingly, for many companies, this question is difficult to answer. I had one CEO speak around the question for about 3 minutes before admitting, “We’re open.” My response, “You could have led with that.”

Next, they show me their marketing materials, and I attempt to ‘guess’ what their company sells. At