6 Harsh Truths for Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank’s Daymond John

On June 6, 2016, I had attended PLUGATL’s $10,000  Pitch Competition featuring Shark Tank’s Daymond John. This event was held at Woodruff Arts Center in the Atlanta Symphony Hall. Prior to the event, over 100 entrepreneurs applied to be a part of the $10,000 pitch competition. The top 20 start-ups were announced,  and the top 5 companies presented on stage to a panel of judges including Daymond John. Top 4 finalists were: Tydee, a mobile app trash pick up service for apartment dwellers; Make Music Count, teaching kids math via playing the



5 Lessons Learned from Making an Alexa (instead of buying one)

I just spent over 6 hours of my life making something that I could have simply ordered on Amazon.

I’m talking about Amazon’s latest gadget, the Amazon Echo, aka Alexa.  The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated Artificial Intelligence device with a speaker, somewhat similar to Apple’s Siri. Amazon touts this device plays music on demand from various music and radio services, interacts with you (Q&A), and can be a hub for smart home automation. Is the Amazon Echo the next Kindle for Amazon?

I discovered the DIY Alexa project one morning as



Georgia Tech Capstone Expo Recap 2016

On April 26, 2016, I had the distinct honor of judging the Georgia Tech Capstone Design Expo.  Capstone Design is an undergraduate class offered at Georgia Tech offering hands-on experience in solving real-world problems.  Students work in teams (some interdisciplinary) and have the choice to work on a corporate sponsored program or a project of their own choosing.  This is more than just your typical senior level design class.  These students must take into account competitive conditions, financial implications, potential to sell, in addition to solving the world’s problems.  The Expo



BIG BRANDS are turning to social media channels you may not have heard of to reach new audiences

On May 19th, the Wireless Technology Forum, held a panel discussion on Mobile Video with:

Cathy Farr, Senior Director Mobile Products, CNN Digital
Laurie Baird, Managing Director, Youi.tv
Pascal Racheneur, General Manager, Digital Video, Raycom Media
Eric McLoughlin, Director, Product Management, Comcast
Moderator: Karl Edwards, inCode Consulting

Cathy Farr spoke about going where your future customers are today (millennials) which meant CNN Digital on Snapchat. She spoke about creating content for Snapchat which means “vertical” videos instead of “horizontal” videos. She spoke about trying different things including broadcasting a presidential debate in virtual reality (with ATLvr led by CEO